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CARE Youth – EUSD Contacts

Coordinator, Community Outreach

Kimberly Israel,,  760.432.2386

Coordinator, Integrated Student Supports

Tracy Schmidt,,  760.432.2247

Clerk, Integrated Student Supports

Liliana Olague,,  760.432.2381

Attendance Intervention Specialist

Maria Osborn, , 760.432.2349

Project SUCCESS Social Worker

Yashia Vargas,, 760.432.2469

School Social Workers and Parent Liaisons – Elementary Schools

Bernardo Elementary School, 760.432.2700

School Social Worker – Kerri Bjork,

Parent Liaison – Anna Alas,

Central Elementary School, 760.432.2200

School Social Worker – Sarah Scott Dooling,

Parent Liaison – Cruz Zapien,

Conway Elementary School, 760.432.2203

School Social Worker – Nicki McKissick,

Parent Liaison – Lily Arana,

Farr Elementary School, 760.735.3049

School Social Worker – Juan Rodriguez,

Parent Liaison – Rosario Salazar,

Felicita Elementary School, 760.432.2210

School Social Worker – Kerren Smith,

Parent Liaison – Laura Aguilar de Rodriguez,

Glenview Elementary School, 760.432.2214

School Social Worker – Yashia Vargas,

Parent Liaison – Christina Azcuidiaz,

LR Green Elementary School, 760.432.2260

School Social Worker – Kerri Bjork,

Parent Liaison – Ana Alas, 

Juniper Elementary School, 760.432.2226

School Social Worker – Jeffrey Arroyo,

Parent Liaison – Mercedes Aguilar,

Lincoln Elementary School, 760.432.2229

School Social Worker – Sandra Gonzalez,

Parent Liaison – Anita Cojulun,

Miller Elementary School, 760.432.2233

School Social Worker – Ala Shehedah Naaman

Parent Liaison – Gladys Zavala,

North Broadway Elementary School, 760.432.2244

School Social Worker – Simone Haleftiras,

Parent Liaison – Esther Batalla,

Oak Hill Elementary School, 760.432.2236

School Social Worker – Kelly Dwyer,

Parent Liaison – Giannina Barboza Whiting,

Orange Glen Elementary School, 760.432.2239

School Social Worker – Marissa De Leon,

Parent Liaison – Jennifer Opdycke,

Pioneer Elementary School, 760.432.2412

School Social Worker – Judy Day,

Parent Liaison – Carmen Mendoza Fuentes,

Reidy Creek Elementary School, 760.739.5800

School Social Worker – Priscilla Ferguson,

Parent Liaison – Gladys Zavala,

Rock Springs Elementary School, 760.432.2283

School Social Worker – Heather Hudson,

Parent Liaison – Star Juarez,

Rose Elementary School, 760.432.2242

School Social Worker – Amanda Hipper,

Parent Liaison – Veronica Casanova,

School Social Workers and Parent Liaisons- Middle School

Bear Valley Middle School, 760.432.4065

School Social Worker – Tina Page,

Parent Liaison – Cece Ortiz,

Del Dios Middle School, 760.432.2206

School Social Worker – Kristen Clayton,

Parent Liaison – Maria Mendoza,

Hidden Valley Middle School, 760.432.2223

School Social Worker – Jennifer Piranio,

Parent Liaison- Yvette Larrabee,

Mission Middle School, 760.432.2452

School Social Worker – Ariana Zacarias,

Parent Liaison – Maribel Valle,

Rincon Middle School, 760.432.2281

School Social Worker – Michaela Sandy,

Parent Liaison – Lily Arana,

Counselors – Middle School

Bear Valley Middle School, 760.432.4065

Judy Lancaster, & Larry Mendoza,

Del Dios Middle School, 760.432.2206

Dawn Ayles,  & Leticia Fierro,

Hidden Valley Middle School, 760.432.2223

Molly Francis, & John Guerrieri,

Mission Middle School, 760.432.2452

Nicole Pablo, & Sherry McPhillips,

Rincon Middle School, 760.432.2281

Mark Gale, & Jackie Monroe,

Community Partner Staff

Case Manager – Juvenile Diversion

Mary Anne Dijak – Escondido Education COMPACT – 760.839.4515

CAT Program Coordinator

Julie Fortune – Mental Health Systems, Inc. – 760.747.0205

Safe Routes to Schools Education and Encouragement Specialist

Michelle Suarez – Escondido Education COMPACT – 760.839.4515

Gang Prevention Officer – FIT

Robert Marquez – Escondido Police Department- 760.839.4717

Mental Health Treatment Intake Coordinator

Madeline Dodd – Vista Hill Foundation – 760.489.4126